Surface Heat Treatment

If you, as a procurement buyer or sourcing professional are searching for reliable surface heat treatment service providers in India, then you can find and hire them with ease on our Vendosmart database. Our surface heat treatment vendors combine innovative methods along with time tested techniques to improve the material characteristics and produce the end component as per your need.

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Sand Casting - Surface Heat Treatment

What is

Surface Heat Treatment?

The terms suggest heat treatment process upon a finished product. Usually, surface heat treatment is used to describe the process where the surface layer of the component gets subjected to activities such as

Surface Heat Treatment

What Are The Benefits Of The Surface Heat Treatment Process?

The end product gets a harder surface and gets more resistant to wear and tear when compared to the original material.

Prevents surface corrosion

Makes the component or product’s exterior look attractive

Enhances the mechanical/electrical properties of the metal component thereby improving the overall functionalities

Please note, if the product-to-be-worked-on requires a high amount of cosmetic surface treatment, protective packaging, you may have to be ready to pay higher charges.

Surface Improvement Type

Surface Cleaning

Chemical Processing & Plating

Painting Process – Powder coating for components

Polishing Process – This process involves manual polishing by the hand so that the components get a plated-like appearance


Heat Treatment Process types

The vendor companies on our list known for providing reliable surface heat treatment services in India produce end products that are known for low maintenance, long life and high performance capabilities. When you as a procurement buyer or sourcing professional get registered as a buyer free of cost and search for the right surface heat treatment manufacturing set-up in India for your project, you get four benefits. They are

  1. Search with ease, gain access and hire the industry leaders in surface heat treatment sector
  2. Quality of End Product as per your desired standards
  3. Quick Response, Production and Prompt Delivery
  4. Committed Support team to assist your project from the initial stage to delivery

Our vendors have completed projects for local, regional and interstate companies of various industrial sectors and they can fulfil every requirement of surface heat treatment or simple heat treatment process as per your need.

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